Top 10 Foods For Healthy Bright Eye

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Eye Healthy Foods List

Eye are the most important part of our body and without it we cannot see this beautiful world and so, taking proper care of it is very much important. To keep our Eye healthy, we have to consume foods which are rich in nutrients like vitamin A. It helps in preventing macular degeneration and other Eye infections.

So Here Are The Top 10 Foods For Healthy Bright Eye -

(1) Papaya - contains high amount of vitamin A which is a very important nutrient for your health, especially the Eyes. It also contains minerals, antioxidant and enzymes which work great for your Eyes as it helps in improving your vision.

(2) Mangoes - is super rich in vitamin A. It will improve your vision and also protect you from many other Eye infections.

(3) Carrots - are loaded with vitamin A and some other essential nutrients which are very good for your Eye health. The presence of vitamin A in carrots helps in preventing cataract and macular degeneration.

(4) Spinach - works like a sunscreen for your Eyes as it helps in protecting your Eyes from ultraviolet rays. Also contains vitamin A and some other powerful antioxidants.

(5) Salmon - perfect food which contains omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A and other minerals. It helps in protecting the tiny blood vessels in the Eyes.

(6) Red Pepper - very good for your Eyes as it contains very high amount of vitamin A which helps in improving the vision and preventing old age related Eye diseases.

(7) Tomatoes - are very good for your health and also for the people who want to maintain their body weight as it contains only a few calories. The Presence of vitamin A in it helps in preventing cataract.

(8) Peaches - contain many nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamin A which keeps your Eyes super healthy.

(9) Dried Apricots - are another good food for your Eye health as it contains a high amount of vitamin A.

(10) Milk - is the best ingredient for your overall health. It is loaded with so many nutrients like iron, calcium, protein and vitamin A.


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