Blue Curacao Lemonade Summer Drink With Drinking Soda

blue curacao lemonade recipe, lemon juice
Blue Curacao Lemonade Recipe


3 lemons

1½ Tbsp sugar syrup

Ice cubes(as required)

1½ Tbsp blue curacao

Drinking soda(as required)


(1) With a sharp knife cut 3 lemons in half, remove the seeds and again cut into small pieces.

(2) Now, divide all the lemon pieces equally into 3 glasses.

(3) Add 1½ Tbsp sugar syrup in each glass.

(4) Squeeze the lemon pieces with a muddler.

(5) Now, in each glass add ice cubes as required, add 1½ Tbsp blue curacao, add drinking soda as required. Mix well.

(6) Serve your BLUE CURACAO LEMONADE with a straw. 


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