Top 10 Most Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid

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Unhealthy Foods List

(1) Low-Fat Diet - most of these foods are packed with Unhealthy chemicals make up for the lack of fat. These chemicals are very bad for your body and can even damage your health overtime.

(2) Margarine - is extremely high in trans fats which can damage your blood vessels and even increase your cholesterol.

(3) Packaged Fruit Juices - these are actually very bad for the body. Not only are most made with artificial flavors and not any real fruits, they are packed with sugars and other chemiclas that can cause obesity and other serious health problems.

(4) Processed Meats - the chemicals that are inside of Processed Meats have been linked to calling cancer and many other health problems. They are also packed with sugar, salt and fats that can lead to obesity and diabetes.

(5) Energy Bars - are marketed as healthy snacks for people who are to lose weight and get fit. Unfortunately a lot of people don't read the nutritional information on these Energy Bars in the first place. Many of them are made with a lot of sugar and fat even they are high in protein.

(6) Frozen Dinner and Lunches - these Frozen Dinners even those are low in calories are really high in sodium that can lead to obesity and increase fat.

(7) Bag of Chips - these Chips are stuffed with saturated fats that are dangerous to the body's arteries. There are 550 calories and 35g of fat in a 100g Bag of Potato Chips.

(8) Doughnut - these are huge source of sugar, fats, trans fats and carbohydrates. Infact one of these treat is generally over 300+ calories. Since most people tend to eat more than one, these can lead to quick weight gain without even realizing it.

(9) Soda - regular soda is a huge source of sugar that have been linked to several different types of cancer. These provide absolutely no nutritional value to you and can lead to various health problems and diabetes as well.

(10) Chewing Gum - is made up of artificial flavors, sweeteners and sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohol is the alternative for sugar which causes bloating flatulence.


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