Spanish Omelette Recipe

Spanish Omelette also known as Tortilla de Patata is one of the healthiest breakfast of all time.

Spanish Omelette Recipe, spanish omelette ingredients
Spanish Omelette Recipe


4 eggs

2 potatoes 

1 onion

Extra virgin olive oil 


Black pepper powder 


(1) Cut the onion into small pieces.

(2) Peel and cut the potatoes into slices. (Keep in mind that - To make the recipe delicious you have to cut the potatoes into a very thin slices)

(3) Fry the onion and potatoes in olive oil until their edges turn into golden brown.

(4) In a bowl beat the eggs and add a pinch of salt and black pepper and Mix in the cooked potatoes.

(5) Add a Tbsp of olive oil in a frying pan and heat it. Now, pour the egg mixture and cook for a minute. Cover it and cook for another three-four minutes and Serve Hot.


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