Chicken Fingers Recipe

Chicken Fingers Recipe, chicken crispy recipe
Chicken Fingers Recipe 


1 boneless chicken breasts


Black pepper

150 grams mozzarella cheese 

1 cup refined flour 


1 Tbsp sweet chilli sauce

1 egg

1 Tbsp water 

1 cup fresh breadcrumbs


(1) Heat the oil in a frying pan.

(2) Cut the chicken into medium size.

(3) Beat the chicken pieces with the back of a knife to flatten them.

(4) Sprinkle salt and black pepper in top of the chicken.

(5) Cut the mozzarella cheese into fingers.

(6) Keep one cheese finger on each chicken piece and roll.

(7) Add 1 cup refined flour, salt, 1 Tbsp sweet chilli sauce and 1 egg in a bowl and Mix. add 1 Tbsp water and make a smooth paste. 

(8) Spread breadcrumbs in a plate.

(9) Dip each chicken finger in the smooth paste and roll it in breadcrumbs(If you are using breadcrumbs then you can keep it in refrigerator and after that you can fry it)

(10) Deep fry the chicken finger in hot oil until it turns into golden brown color.

(11) Serve hot.


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